From its inception, Simple Engineering has been entirely focused on research on autonomic, intelligence-led, robotics, and low-code Test Automation as a Service. The Simple Engineering R&D direct cumulated effort has been funded by European and French research programs and by the founders and partners. 

The result of this endeavor has been industrialized as simplyTestify, the Test Automation Platform as a Service. simplyTestify revolutionizes the way businesses test their applications, products, and services. 

At this stage, the simplyTestify project has some consolidated results regarding technical achievements, field trials, user feedback, standardization efforts, business model, market research, impact study, and competitive analysis. Nowadays, our team's mission is the simplyTestify market uptake. 


We have started an Early Adopter Program in December 2016. We have already Early Adopters from the Healthcare, Logistics, and Telecom industries.

Innovation Providers

Simple Engineering is promoting a twofold open - "outside-in" and "inside-out" - business model. The Simple Engineering "outside-in" business model opens to talented developers the shortest and easiest road to the market for their innovative Test Automation Methods, by removing all the financial, organizational, and technical barriers. 

The simplyTestify Platform offers to developers the environment, the mechanisms, the guidelines, and the support for importing, installing, configuring, and set-up their Test Automation Methods, and make them accessible to the simplyTestify users. 

Indeed, these imported Methods, once analyzed, evaluated, tested, and certified by Simple Engineering, are put in the simplyTestify Test Automation Method Portfolio, where they are available to Customers in the same manner than the in-house Methods. The developers of imported methods are rewarded with per-use royalties. 

Developers of smart Test Automation Method are invited to participate in our Innovation Provider Program.

Added-value Partners

Going downstream in the Test Automation Value Chain, the Simple Engineering "inside-out" business model has the potentiality to go beyond the traditional customer-vendor relationship to co-create value with Customers.

The simplyTestify Platform business model is built on a few simple principles: (i) Freedom to resell, (ii) Freedom to wrap, and (iii) No competition on professional services.

Freedom to resell is total and direct. Whatever your business, if you are a simplyTestify account holder, you are totally free to resell the simplyTestify Platform services to your Customers. The simplest way to do this is to give them user credentials within your account, which could be an account that you open for this particular usage. The simplyTestify metering and billing services provide you the detailed costs of your Customers' consumption. You are free to adjust your pricing policy and bill your Customers at your convenience. 

Some of our Early Adopters, who are vendors of digital services to be integrated into their Customers' environments, are thinking about new, enhanced business models based on client-driven testing. 

The idea is to offer to your Customers the access to the product/service that you provide on a test bed in a staging environment, accompanied by a pre-packaged test harness on the simplyTestify Platform. Your Customers can test your service very early in the purchase funnel (in the pre-procurement and evaluation phases), before writing a single line of code of her client components. 

Moreover, your Customers can benefit from the simplyTestify capability of testing not only single services/components, but also multi-component architectures (gray-box testing of the composition of the Customer's software and your service), and adopt an agile, test driven, and incremental integration approach.

Freedom to wrap is full and without delays too. Whatever your business, if you are a simplyTestify account holder you can integrate the simplyTestify Test Automation services, using the simplyTestify APIs, in your software engineering environment/product/service. 

The simplyTestify metering and billing services give you the details and costs of the simplyTestify service consumption by your Customers. You can rate your composed service and bill your Customers at your convenience.

Simple Engineering mission is to provide, with the simplyTestify Platform, autonomic, intelligence-led, robotics, and low-code Test Automation digital services, accompanied by training and support. We project to set up a smart and vigorous customer service team, but do not plan to develop a consultancy department and intend to reroute the customers' demands for professional services towards the simplyTestify Partner Network. 

Professional Consultants can find with simplyTestify an easy way to improve the productivity and quality of their professional services and their capacity to quickly formulate inclusive and competitive offers. Given the as-a-Service delivery mode, remote testers that share a simplyTestify test harness with their Customers can join effectively  Agile and Continuous DevOps teams. 

Professional consultants are entirely free to provide professional testing services to their Clients with the support of the simplyTestify Platform. If they enter the simplyTestify Partner Network, they are referenced by Simple Engineering. If you are interested in becoming a simplyTestify Partner, have a look at our Partner Program.

What we are doing

In the short term, we aim to: 

  • increase the number of Early Adopters by recruiting companies and organizations from the Energy and Utilities, Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution, Automotive, Financial Services, and High Tech industries, and Public sectors;  
  • offer cooperation and access for free to the testing research and development Community, and in particular to European Research and Innovation Projects in the domain of software engineering, cloud computing, and Internet of Things;
  • propose to Developers, Researchers, and Practitioners that have developed smart Test Automation Methods, to evaluate the opportunity to deploy them on the simplyTestify Platform;
  • build with Integrators and Professional Consultants a win-to-win partnership;
  • promote, encourage and support the integration of simplyTestify services in DevOps environments and processes;
  • collect and formalize Test Automation best practices in all the industries at the global and local market levels; and 
  • build industry-specific Test Automation Frameworks (e.g. for standard conformance and interoperability testing).


If you are interested in the simplyTestify technology and the Early Adopter, Added-value Partner, Innovation Provider programs, please contact: