In the digital economy, testing distributed systems, services, APIs and connected objects architectures is mandatory. But it is also hard, complicated, time-consuming and costly in effort and equipment. simplyTestify is a Software as a Service that provides extreme automation of unit and end-to-end test of synchronous, asynchronous, time-constrained, large scale, multi-owner, distributed systems, services, APIs and connected objects architectures. 

The highly elastic, dependable, and secure simplyTestify SaaS provides testing services through a self-provisioning, pay-as-you-go, and lower cost business model.

The user, through API and GUI, supplies simplyTestify with appropriate scripts and policies and invokes automated test generation and run methods. simplyTestify generates synthetic test suites following intelligent strategies and runs tests on the distributed architecture under test in an optimized manner by interacting with its components - systems, applications, devices, connected objects - via the Internet or a direct connection. These components may be located wherever: on premises, on private clouds, and on public clouds.

simplyTestify provides:
  • robotization of all the test tasks - test generation, test system configuration, dynamic binding with the distributed system under test, test execution, arbitration, logging, reporting, scheduling, and planning,
  • optimization of test efficacy and efficiency - evidence-based test generation, dynamic test prioritization (dynamic scheduling), reactive test planning, troubleshooting - driven by formal methods and artificial intelligence techniques such as probabilistic reasoning and temporal logic, and
  • routinization of the testing activity via the simplyTestify APIs that can be invoked by any software engineering environment.

Compared to the currently available testing tools, simplyTestify reduces at least by one order of magnitude the testing CAPEX and OPEX and improves by one order of magnitude the test efficacy and efficiency.

simplyTestify is a foreground of the EU FP7 project #318786 - Model and Inference Driven, Automated testing of Services architectures (MIDAS), partially funded by the European Commission.
A paper accepted at the 31st Annual ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC) – Pisa, Italy – April 4-8, 2016, gives an overview of the technical achievements of the MIDAS prototype.

Simple Engineering is a French SME that plans to bring simplyTestify to the market. 

Currently, we are looking for: 

  • early adopters, 
  • case studies, 
  • use cases, 
  • trials and pilot projects, 
  • innovation projects, 
  • research projects.

In your development and research project, do you plan to implement services/APIs? Do you plan to implement distributed architectures of systems, services, connected objects? 

Systematic, incremental and continuous testing is mandatory, but it is hard and expensive to plan, to manage and to operate.

Test extreme automation with simplyTestify can help, and we want to prove it.

If you are interested, please contact: