This paper presents the automation of the functional test of services (black-box testing) and services architectures (grey-box testing) that has been developed by the MIDAS project and is accessible on the MIDAS SaaS. In particular, the paper illustrates the solutions of tough functional test automation problems such as: 

  • the configuration of the automated test execution system against large and complex services architectures, 
  • the constraint-based generation of synthetic test inputs, 
  • the specification-based generation of synthetic test oracles
  • the intelligent dynamic scheduling of test cases, and
  • the intelligent reactive planning of test campaigns. 

The paper describes the usage of the MIDAS prototype for the functional test of an operational distributed application in the domain of healthcare.


Hillah, L. M., Maesano, A. P., De Rosa, F., Maesano, L., Lettere, M., & Fontanelli, R. (2015, October). Service functional test automation. In 10th Workshop on System Testing and Validation.