This paper presents the intelligent automation of functional test of services (unit testing) and services architectures (integration testing) that has been developed by the MIDAS project and is accessible on the MIDAS SaaS. In particular, the paper illustrates how the extreme automation implemented in the MIDAS prototype includes the solutions to tough research problems such as: 

  • the configuration of the automated test engine against large and complex services architectures, 
  • the synthetic test input generation based on formal methods and constraint propagation, 
  • the test oracle generation based on state machine execution, and
  • the dynamic scheduling of test cases and the reactive, evidence-based planning of test campaigns with on the fly generation of new synthetic test cases.

The solution is based on probabilistic graphical inference, model checking, and temporal logic of actions.

The paper reports some feedbacks from real-world case studies in the health-care and the logistics industries.


Hillah, L. M., Maesano, A. P., Maesano, L., De Rosa, F., Kordon, F., & Wuillemin, P. H. (2016, April). Service functional testing automation with intelligent scheduling and planning. In Proceedings of the 31st Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (pp. 1605-1610). ACM.