The most critical testing tasks are human-based, hard, and knowledge-intensive. Current testing practices consume more than 30% of IT spending and are ineffective, inefficient, and error-prone - too many false positives and false negatives. 85% of the test is still accomplished entirely manually. 

Only prominent bodies can afford to implement custom-built, sophisticated, and high-code test systems that, on the one hand, mechanize only repetitive tasks and, on the other side, are unstable, brittle, and costly in development and maintenance, often more than the software to be tested. Ordinary businesses are forced by lack of money, competence, and tools to shorten the test activity.

simplyTestify is a geo-distributed, multi-instance, and multi-tenant platform for automated testing of all kinds of distributed software services. It delivers on-demand, easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go, and inexpensive provisions for AI-driven and zero-code automation of all the test tasks. Its utilization is straightforward - the User:

  • Drafts a short description of the topology and the choreography of the distributed services architecture;
  • Personalizes the suitable test automation provisions with a few plain policies;
  • Invokes the test automation methods via the intuitive UI or the API.

The simplyTestify software robots automate all the test tasks - they:

  • Generate focused suites of synthetic multi-step test cases, online and offline;
  • Plan, schedule, dynamically prioritize, and run the tests;
  • Continuously evaluate the test outcomes;
  • Render streams of concise reports and detailed journals.

The simplyTestify software robots are empowered by artificial intelligence techniques to optimize the automatic search, discovery, and diagnosis of software failures.

The simplyTestify platform provides general purpose technology for the 20M software developers and the 2M manual testers of all the industries of the global market. Moreover, simplyTestify easy-to-use, CapEx-free, and inexpensive test automation methods enlarge the software testing market by addressing organizations with little testing practice.

All the simplyTestify competitors sell overpriced software licenses of tools that only mechanize the basic repetitive test tasks partially. The critical activities, such as the design of multi-step test cases and the evaluation of the test outcomes, are still human-based and, given the increasing complexity of the distributed services architectures, more and more laborious and costly.

simplyTestify is a complete SaaS solution that increases the test automation level by one order of magnitude, for overall cost savings of 90% and shorter testing schedules.

The simplyTestify Early Adopter Program proposes to Businesses and Administrations free access to the simplyTestify Test Automation Platform, allowing them to evaluate the test automation solutions on their use cases. If requested, we set up customer success teams to carry out proofs of concept on case studies provided by the Customers.